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2021  Programme 

At the time of writing the entire country is effectively in total lockdown, we have been lucky so far in that local infection rates have been extremely low, however, it appears we are all in for some months of isolation. We cannot in these circumstance plan any fixed events or meeting for the forseable future.




This should have been our first meeting of the year on January the 21st.

Our best and most optimistic opportunity to hold this may be an open air, socially distanced meeting sometime before or around Easter.

This will have to be the arranged at some time, as not all the current committee are committed to continue into this year.

There is also the question which must be addressed of a proposed merger of the Gardening Club with the Aldborough Wildlife Group.

Members of both groups were consulted last year and of the responses received the overall opinion was in favour. The general aim was keep the identities and meeting dates of both groups intact but merge the management structure. The Gardening Club has the benefit of having a constitution, bank account, website and facebook page, which the wild lifers could move into. 

A new identity for this community group will have to be established by a new committee.

Gardening and wildlife are a current focus, so this could be an exciting opportunity for anyone with strong interests in our local environment. 


During the first lockdown last year we did manage a couple of plant and seed swaps early in the Spring, we also managed our annual potato trial with a class from Aldborough Primary School on our Club allotment. Subject to government restrictions we hope we can repeat and somehow develop open air activities like these, notification will be by email to members and contacts.

In the meantime activity continues on line, as an affiliated society to NNHS we are included in their growing number of Zoom talks and virtual garden visits, these are posted on facebook. RHS and RSPB posts are also passed around by email.


Our FB page is an Open Group page, so can be seen by anyone, there is a direct link on the menu bar, you may however have to login to FB, unfortunately we have no control over this.


Facebook users can post on our page but may need approval by our 2 page managers. 

Anything considered inappropriate will be deleted. 


If you would like to be included in the group, or influence the establishment of a new, merged group,  please contact us by email.


Membership is still open.

We have frozen membership subs until such time as we can all meet together safely, when subs etc will be decied by the new committee. 

-- email your contact details to please include you 'phone number.

January 2021


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